Monday, December 17, 2012

Knits Men Want

Knits Men Want: The 10 Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Knitting for a Man~ Plus the Only 10 Patterns She'll Ever Need by Bruce Weinstein

This is a book filled with simple, classic patterns with instructions to adapt them to any yarn. I think many of the principals in the book would work for both men and women, make sure you think about what the recipient likes before you knit for them! There are great tips on fibers, color choices and other things that would help you make a garment that a man would want to wear. There are even tips on how to remove food stains from your knit garments!

The pattern templates include:
  • Ski Sweater
  • Basic pullover and vest
  • Basic Cardigan Two Ways
  • Raglan-Sleeved Henley
  • Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Baseball Jersey
  • Fingerless Mitts
  • Thick and Warm Socks
  • Reversible Cable Scarf
  • Watch Cap
The book comes with detailed instructions for each pattern and multiple schematics and photographs. There isn't a "How to Knit" section although there are explanations of advanced techniques

I often have trouble coming up with what to knit for the men in my life. I want a pattern that has some interest to it, but that they would still want to wear. The patterns in this book are not the most unique, but they are timeless classic pieces. Plus, with the different gauge information it makes this a fantastic reference book. I could see using the patterns in this book as a template to incorporate some different stitch patterns and colorwork someday.

Unfortunately what men DON'T want are the chapter titles to this book. When my husband flipped open to the chapter titled "Men are Babies" and "Men are Oblivious" he was displeased. I think that the message the messages that men want comfortable simple clothing is a good one, but this book was not written with the significant others of knitters in mind. (Of course, I don't think Keith realized that this book was written by a man, so maybe he would have taken less offense.)