Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Hitchhiker (and not the last!)

The Hitchhiker knitting pattern by Martina Behm is quickly becoming one of my favorite patterns.  It is just garter stitch, but the increases and jagged tooth edge and watching variegated yarns change colors and pool keep it so fascinating that I cast this pattern on again and again.  (Let's just say that 3 of my 12 shawls in 2012 are of this pattern.)

For this variation, I used 96 g of hand dyed KnitPicks Palette yarn and size 4 knitting needles.  I did NOT make the rounded point at the end, I just followed the standard pattern until I was ready to bind off (loosely) all the way. 

I dyed this 100g skein of KnitPicks bare fingering Peruvian highland wool with a Tulip Tie Dye Kit.  I made the color repeats really short, as you can see there are 5 repeats of a 5 color rainbow below.  

I handpainted the yarn following the same techniques I used for the cotton yarn in the following video tutorial. (In fact, I dyed these the same day!)