Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A "Real" Crochet Project

Time to do a new years resolution and make a REAL crochet project!  (By REAL I mean not just the border or something... and something that is not a granny square.  I want to try increases!)   I decided to make a baby hat because it is a small and fast project to create... not to mention that my back up baby show gifts have all disappeared in recent months.  I selected the Bev's Newborn Roundie Hat for this project.  I used Lilly Sugar'n'Cream Ombre 02223 and Size G (4.0 mm) crochet hook.

So I'm not sure what it means by make 14 DC's inside ring.  Am I supposed to go all the way around the chains or pick up a loop from the first chains?  I'm going to figure to go all the way in because I couldn't fit 14 trying to pick up from the edge of the frist loop.  I picked up from inside the circle and it was MUCH easier.  The hole in the center was a little big, but I was able to tighten the tail and it brought it closed.  I'm crocheting!!!!

Knitting Round 4, I think that this isn't any where near big enough with 35 sts.  Maybe the hat would fit a DOLL head but not a baby.  I frogged this row and decided to add an increase stitch into every 3rd stitch rather than every second stitch.  (New Round 4 had 48 sts.)  Continue as written.  (Look at me, modifying a crochet pattern!)  

I knit a total of 10 dc rounds, and then did one sc round.  32 g in the hat.  25 g remain.  Completed in an evening!!  The final hat is 5.5" long, 6" wide.  What should I crochet next?

This project would not have been possible without the help from my Encyclopedia of Crochet (seen in some of the above pictures.)  


  1. Yes! Very well done! When it says to do X number of dc's (sc's, trebles, or whatever) IN the ring, it does mean that you crochet around the chain, not the into the loops of the chain. You figured it out.

    Sometimes the patterns don't fit what you want them to do, or you don't want to bother doing it that way. Sometimes they leave things out. I change the patterns all the time.

    1. I figured out the magic ring and I find that SOO much easier. I even was able to teach some other members of my crochet club how to do it (which was exciting because I know all of 3 crochet stitches right now.)

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