Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carding Attempt 2

Watching the videos from my How Not to Card post taught me MANY useful things.   But I also wanted to test out once I had the fiber properly carded, how to turn it into rolags.
  1. Pull the fiber off of the carder into a strips (see the bottom part of the picture.)
  2. Roll up horrizontally (which that you have more concentrated the fibers that are facing approximately the same direction.
  3. Gently draft open into a rolag.

My carded wool is a little less grey the second time around.  Apparently this is something that can happen with new carders and you should just card with either dark wool or wool you don't care about until it comes off clean.

My spinning wheel is currently occupied with another project, so I wasn't able to immediately try these rolags out... but I am excited to try blending different types of fibers next!