Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Knitting Quick Gifts

Every knitter wants a fast project once in a while. Especially if you realize that you want to give someone a gift, and you don't have the time to plan out a long project. These books have some great patterns for fast, quick knit gifts.

Vogue Knitting on the Go: Quick Gifts

The book is tiny... about half the size of a normal book, but there are still 22 patterns! It starts out with a quick introduction to knitting techniques, but claims that there are projects for all skill levels.

Patterns include:
  • Felted tote - with zig zag stripes! I want one!
  • Two-tone hat and mittens set - the colorwork here is very interesting and unique.
  • Golf Club Cozies (I think I know someone who may enjoy these!)
  • Festive ball necklace (cover image)
  • Horse Pillow Pals - The bodies are very square, so these would not look too goofy in an adult's living room. (I hope!)
  • Knitted Gift Box - 4" cube... You make a six-sided box and lining, and find a little cardboard box to fit in between. I never considered this, but tied with a pretty satin bow, this would be great to keep on a dresser.
  • Fingerless gloves - again, the colorwork is very unique and would be a great stash buster
  • Ipod cozy, fair isle tea cozy, little girl purse, Kitty Toy, His and Hers Hats (nothing remarkable here, very basic pattern), Frilly Slippers, Eyelet Neck wrap, Baby Cardigan with argyle-like-details, Baby sweater and pants set, Felted Needle Case, Felted scarf, Aviator Cap, Sachets (cool idea, but the pattern is nothing special), Felted Laptop bag, Chick toy.
Overall, this book contains many types of projects that I have never considered before. Maybe I'll buy this for my self... there are over 6 projects that I am itching to try (too bad my queue is so long!)

Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Haverson

The book starts out with a short introduction to color theory and knitting basics. The patterns in the book are separated into sections based on the amount of time expected to complete the project (I would personally take these times with a grain of salt, but at least they are listed from the fastest patterns to ones that take a bit longer.)
  • Less than 2h: Angora Baby Booties (fuzzy and cute, but basic... but do you really expect complex in under 2 hours?) Linen Tassels (not knit, but good to know how to make), Pompoms, Kerchief Scarf, Sweater and Stocking Minis (Christmas Ornaments... YEAH!), Felted Potholders
  • 2-4 h: Baby Bonnet, Super-Easy Leg Warmers, Child’s Rainbow Scarf, Children’s Cotton Hats, Kim’s Hats (variations on different kinds of different hats), Cashmere Tea Cozy (I would not waste cashmere on my tea! I want it on my hands, on my ears…), Hand/Wrist Warmers, Airy Scarf
  • 4-6 h: Child’s Placket-Neck Pullover, Baby’s Denim Drawstring Pants, Men’s Cashmere Scarf, the Purl Scarf, Men’s Rustic Scarf, Soft Drawstring Pouch, Gusseted Floor Cushions
  • 6-8 h: Circle of Friends Garter-Stitch Blanket (quick if you get your friends to help!), Knitted Yoga Mat Bag (I may make this to just keep my mat off of the floor!), Pashmina Cowl, Silk Camisole, Cabled Purse, Lovable Toys (Rabbit, Bear, Elephant)
  • >8 h: Hourglass Sweater (classic, yet trendy. If I weren’t afraid of outgrowing my knitted items I would make this. Maybe I’ll photocopy it… just in case), Herringbone Poncho, Ombre Alpaca Blanket (using natural colors of alpaca, this is beautiful), Chevron Scarf, Men’s Zipped Raglan

The patterns are all quite simple and are not too unique (which makes sense when you consider the title of the book). However, these are "quick knits" and it is a hand resource for when you need to make a gift last minute.