Sunday, September 20, 2009

NHM #7

I finally finished the NHM #7 mittens from SELBUVOTTER: Biography of a Knitting Tradition!

Main color: KnitPicks Palette Black, Contrast color: Bare peruvian highland wool (fingering weight) from KnitPicks which I hand dyed with these mittens in mind. I knit the mittens using size 1 (2.50mm) dpn needles.

With the last set of gloves, I weighed the yarn before and after I finished my project. The goal is to try to keep track of the weight in each project, so I can easily determine if I have enough remaining to start a new set. However, palette is cheap enough that buying an extra ball is not really a hardship, you just need space in the knitting cupboard.

Gloves (after finishing and cutting loose ends): 51.8 g
Preknit Multi wool: 106.9 g, remaining: 85.3 g
Black remaining: 48.3 g

I used all of the black wool (28.4) remaining from my last Selbuvotter gloves, and started a new ball to finish the tip and the thumb of the last glove. Assuming that the ball was exactly 50 g to start, my calculations suggest that I used 51.7 g wool to make my mittens. My weight estimates are way more accurate than I could have imagined!

I thought the pattern on the inside of the gloves was cool, too! Not that I'd go to the trouble of making these gloves just to get that inside pattern...

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