Monday, August 9, 2010

Coaster Comparison

Which kind would Keith like the best? I decided to knit up a bunch, and then ask him, since it is his home, too. And in the meantime, before I finish up the rest, we have some more coasters. (Keith had really nice obsidian ones, but we have managed to break a number of them since we moved in. Warning, if you drop obsidian it breaks!)

All of the coasters below were knit with Coal Wool of the Andes yarn. One ball was more than sufficient to complete all of the below coasters.

It's so mod coster

Mod coaster before (left) and after (right) closing up the center hole.

The link will take you to an archived web page as the original is no longer available. The coaster is cute... it's just not quite what I was hoping for. The color choice of black was probably a mistake, as the interesting stitches are not very visible. I decided to lightly felt the coaster to make it sturdier.

I think that I would enjoy this more with variegated yarn of a smaller weight. I knit this project on size 7 needles. Before felting the coaster was 4.5 inches from tip to the middle of the opposite side. After felting the coaster measured 4 inches from tip to middle, and looks more like a star than a hexagon.

Mod coaster post-felting

The Teeny Weeny Garter Stitch Coaster

Finishing up the teeny weeny garter stitch coaster. After the 17 repeats were complete (left) closing the circle (middle) and reducing the center hole (right).

This was much more of a pleasure to knit. I used size 6 needles, so the gauge tighter, and I had no desire to felt the project. The shape is very floral, and it looks almost like the crochet items that my great-grandmother made. It was much easier to repeat 6 rows 16 times than 17 (?) rows 5 times as in the mod coaster. It was significantly easier to keep track of where I was in the pattern.

It would be really fun in cotton or bamboo as it was originally designed in. It may be too feminine for Keith, though. This coaster has a 4 inch diameter.

Modified color blocks baby blanket

Pre- and post blocking

You will need to create a free lion brand account to see the baby blanket pattern. I used the same diagonal type pattern with fewer stitches (see below) to create this square.
  • CO 5 sts
  • knit
  • K2, YO, k2 end (repeat this row until there are 23 sts on the needle)
  • K2 YO K2tog K2tog K til end.
  • when 5 sts remain, bind off.
Size before blocking - ~3 inches square. I think I should have extended the middle a bit more to make the coaster larger.

Plain Square with Seed Stitch Boarder

Before (left) and after(right) blocking.

I figured that Keith would like a simple coaster best, but I didn't find a pattern for one I liked. This coaster is so simple that I didn't really need to provide a pattern, but I decided to share the written instructions to inspire my fellow knitters out there.

This coaster is plain, but functional. Minimal blocking is required (since I designed it that way!) Finished Size: 3.75 inches square.


So which coaster will Keith choose??