Sunday, August 1, 2010

Search for Felted Brimmed Hats

So I made a Felted Brim Hat 2 winters ago, but I made it a little too long so the fit is not great. This was my first experience with a felted hat, and I was winging it since felting amounts vary with different kinds of yarn. I think that I would also like one with a more exaggerated brim. Why do I want a felted hat? They're SO warm, and living in Boston that is quite important, especially when you use public transportation to commute to work.

The free patterns below are for Woman's hats. I did not include child sizeds felted brimmed hats in this search.
  • Crystal Palace Yarns Iceland + Splash Felted Cloche Hat - I have used this pattern in the past. Without any gauge information, I really had to guess if I was doing things correctly. Maybe the Splash novelty yarn helps keep it from becoming too tight in the felting, I'm not sure. Certainly it is a cute hat, I am just looking to try a different pattern.
  • Crystal Palace Yarns Iceland +Fizz Stardust Felted Cloche Hat - Wider than the previous hat, althought the overall sihulette is similar. The novelty yarn is added in stripes.
  • Crystal Palace Yarns Musique + Squiggle Felted Hat with Brim - Large floppy brim. reminiscent of a gardening hat.
  • Crystal Palace Yarns Iceland + Squiggle Felted Hat with Brim - The novelty yarn is here attached at the brim, making it more exaggerated. It is hard to get a firm sense of the shape because the yarn is so bulky.
  • Flowers on a Grave - Simple silhouette (i.e. a non exaggerated brim), shown with a felted flower.
  • Felted Cloche - Simple, subtle silhouette, slight rolled brim from being knit in stockinette.
  • Foxy Felted Cloche - "A felted version of the classic flapper-style hat" Looks great embellished with a ribbon and bow
  • Felted Hat - Can make a large, rolled brim. There are pictures that show you how you can manipulate the brim in subtle ways as the hat dries.
  • St. Vincent Cloche - There is a slit in the brim which adds to the retro appeal. Simple silhouette, shown with a contrast color at the brim.
  • Top Down Felted Cloche - A great way to know if you can make the brim larger... start at the top and see how much yarn you have left!
  • Stirling Cloche - (Available for free Ravelry download, but first you need to make a free account!) Beautiful. In the hundreds of projects you can find on Ravelry, I really love this in a heathered yarn in addition to the loopy mohair that was used in the design.
  • Vintage Girl Cloche - A seed stitch brim. (Available for free Ravelry download, but first you need to make a free account!) More tight fitting than some of the others (but this depends on the degree of felting).
  • Cloche a la mode - As shown brim is a nice size, hat is shorter than some others (not in a bad way. I keep an eye on this because the hat that I made for myself came
  • La Cloche Sans Peur - The brim is asymmetric, so it is larger in the front than in the back. This allows you to roll up the front if you choose. (Available for free Ravelry download, but first you need to make a free account!)
  • Felted Hat in "Eskimo" - This hat has a more exaggerated brim. It looks very classy. It is one of my favorites thus far.
  • The Kim Cloche - There is a knit textured band before the brim, super cute! (Available for free Ravelry download, but first you need to make a free account!)
  • Debs Derby - It's fun to see how different felted projects come out when knit by different people. On Ravelry, some people fold the brim up, some have it tiny, where others have it as a wide unrolled version that happens to be my personal preference. I keep feeling amazed by how the same felted pattern can come out in so many different ways.
  • Lierihattu - It's a cute hat... but the pattern has not been translated to English! Whoops!
  • Felted Fabulous Hat - This looks like a bowler hat. The hat portion is a little boxier, and the brim comes out nice and flat (perpendicular like). (Available for free Ravelry download, but first you need to make a free account!)
  • Drops Hat - Simple silhouette with a small brim.
  • Free Felted Hat Pattern - Shown with embilishemnts that Robin Hood would love! It is all in the finishing folks. (Available for free Ravelry download, but first you need to make a free account!)
  • Clair de Lune - Asymmetric brim, can be styled in a number of ways. I personally like it with the shorter edge folded up, and longer edge unfolded. The picture on the pattern itself reminds me a bit of a pirate... just something about how the brim is styled. (Available for free Ravelry download, but first you need to make a free account!)
  • Isabelle - Floppy brim with felted flower embellishment.
  • Felted Eyelash Hat - Novelty Eyelash yarn is done on the crown, but not the brim. Brim is folded in the back in the photo, not the front.
  • Brown Sheep Co Felted Hat - Simple with relatively small brim.
  • Red Hat Lady Felted Pillbox Hat - Almost no brim, but you could sculpt a tiny one is as you're in the final shaping process.


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