Thursday, August 12, 2010

Search for Wedding Garter Knitting Patterns

I'm getting married next summer, and I really want to incorporate something that I've made into the day. Boston summers are very warm, so I doubt I'll need a wrap or a shawl. I decided that a handmade garter would be a great keepsake for the day. It also will be more comfortable since I will have control over the materials and the fit.

In this search, I'm including the types of materials needed for each to help myself keep track of what else is required. (Some of the patterns call for elastic, others just ribbon etc.)

Free Garter Knitting Patterns
  • Knitted Lace Wedding Garter: (Cotton Thread size 40, 1/4 inch wide blue ribbon, single fold bias tape, 3/8 inch wide elastic) Simple, elegant, knit as a strip and then connected together to form the loop.
  • Knitting Wedding Garter: (3/8 inch wide satin ribbon) Knit with a ribbon in garter stitch. (NOTE, you are knitting with ribbon here, not thread)
  • Ruffled Wedding Garter: (Free Ravelry download) Secured with ribbon or yarn tie, no elastic.
  • Skinny Lace Wedding Garter: (Free Ravelry download)
  • Wedding Garter: Knit in the round, there is a bit of a ruffle at the bottom. Held up with a thin ribbon tie.
  • Eloping: Shown in a color, very lacy with two ribbon ties holding it up.
  • Courtney's bit of blue: (1/8 inch elastic, 1/8 inch ribbon) Elastic and ribbon at the top, lacy ruffle at the bottom.
  • Lace Edging:This could be made into garters by threading ribbon and elastic through the YO's.
  • Elegant wedding accessories: Free Ravelry Download. Ribbon and elastic hold it up. This one is less lacy than some of the other options.
  • Ehow: How to Knit a Wedding Garter: l There's no picture here, but the instructions seem relatively easy to follow. I'm guessing it isn't gathered at all because it has you making the lace for 3/4 of the bride's thigh.
This search wasn't that easy, since "garter" is a standard knitting term, and doesn't just describe the item. Please let me know if you know any other wedding garter patterns. Happy Knitting!