Thursday, May 22, 2014

Flower Headband

I am having so much fun creating little crochet motifs.  It is really helping me hone in my crochet skills.   I was excited when I came across the patterns for the Gathered Chains Newborn Headband with Crocheted Flower (By the way, can I say how much I love the new "+ incorporates" field on Ravelry?  This way you can credit other patterns that you combine.  I love it!)

As much as I wanted to start with the flower, I decided to start off with the headband.  This way I can make sure that the button that I have in my stash ( a small 7/16 button from a hotel sewing kit) will work.  If it doesn't, then I'll need to run to the hobby shop tomorrow.  I am unsure of the exact yarn that I used, but I know it is 100% acrylic.  I am going to assume it is red heart super saver solids.   I used a size H crochet hook as directed in the pattern.

My foundation chain (is that what it is called?) measures 14".  I'd say that I'm on target!  It is closer to 13" once I have completed the headband foundation.  I think that I would add 8 more ch stitches the next time I make this, then I can also sew the button on further from the edge.  It will stretch to 15".  I doubt I'll be able to fit it onto 15 week old Lucky... 

I don't think my button will fit through the sc stitches, so I added a ch 3, slip stitch to the end of the headband.   The headband weighs 4 g on its own.

I continued the flower also using hte size H crochet hook.  I used blue for the front flower and purple for the back flower.  The Ch6 mentioned in the modification works perfectly over my button... but doesn't stay.  I gathered it a bit tighter closed so it would fit better.   

The flower part 1 (blue) weighs 2 g.  On the purple petals round 4, I turned the work first so the RS would be facing the same way as the first level.  I ended after round 4.  The whole flower weighs 5 g. 


 I finished this project past Lucky's bedtime, so I had to wait till morning to try to see if it would fit his 15 week old head. I think it will be a tight fit.  I'm so tempted to make a second one so I can see what this adorable headband would look like on a baby.  Thankfully, the headband just barely fit on my little boy.  He doesn't mind modeling the headbands.  

It doesn't quite fit on 15 week old Lucky, but boy is it cute!