Friday, May 2, 2014

Unwinding my Bulky Dip-Dyed Knit Blank

I have already posted about my Dyeing Pre-Knit Blanks for Long Gradients of Color video, but there is still more that happened with this project... I had to unwind the blank!  

I learned while unraveling this blank that the reason why I struggled so much with the rainbow yarn is that I started from the wrong end.  Areas where I had dropped stitches on the machine and essentially had to K3below to fix the dropped stitch became tangles I could not fix when unwinding form the cast on end.  What a difference unwinding from the bind off edge makes! How did I discover this error?  I ran into the same issue this time!  When I ran into my first snag I thought it would be worth trying to start at the other end.  I took everything off of the niddy noddy (only a few yards) and started from the other end and POOF, no issues.  Lesson Learned.

When I was almost done winding the yarn, I suddenly let out a huge EEEK!  I must not have secured the pipes of the niddy noddy well (see how to make your own niddy noddy out of pvc pipe) and POOF suddenly I had this mess.  Thankfully this is bulky weight yarn and so it wasn't a lot of effort to rewind the yarn, but I was worried about getting a horrific tangle.  Phew! 

I probably should have wound this gradient yarn directly into a center pull ball.   Now I will have to have this crimped yarn on the swift and then wind it again.  Oh well, it is always fun to see yarn on a skein. 

Want to create your own long gradients of color?  Check out how to dye a pre-knit blank in the tutorial below.