Friday, January 1, 2010

Free Patterns by ChemKnits Summary

It is getting to the point where I have so many free knitting patterns that the links on the sidebar of my blog is getting too ridiculous. I therefore am creating these thumbnails to help you easily navigate my free knitting patterns. If you would like to see a complete list of knitting patterns in alphabetical order, please go to the bottom of this post.

For pattern support, please go to the ChemKnits Designs group on Ravelry.



Fly Plushie

Bumble Bee Plushie

Butterfly Plushie

Caterpillar Plushie


Butterfly Finger Puppet

Smiley the Worm Finger Puppet


Squidoo Squid

Pirate Gourd Eyepatch

Snake Plushie

Toy Ant
Crochet Bumble Bee Buddy
Flying Version

Simple Version

Legs the Penguin

Drop Stitch Scarf

Ombré Hat

Ombré Mittens  

14-Cable Hat

Generic Skullcap

Fenway Mitts

Free Parking Armband

Freestanding Knit Mustache

Paw Socks

Wide Brimmed Skullcap
Hermes Baby Socks

Knit One Below (K1B) Baby Hat

Knit in under 1 hour!

Chevron Baby Hat

Ombré Headband

Valentine's Day Love Bug Hat (crochet)

Puppy's Lion Snood for Halloween 
Toddlers enjoy wearing this, too! 

Attack of the Creepers Hat

Cloudy Rainbow Hat

Cable Version

Colorwork Version

Ice Cap Headband

GENEie Plasmid Headband

GENEie Pussyhat

 GENEie Collection designed by ChemKnits in support of the March for Science:
GENEie Next Generations Headband and Hat (Colorwork - bottom left and right)


Peptide Beer Cozy

Knit One Below Beer Cozy


Beer Cozy

Caffeine Coffee Cozy

Resveratrol Wine Cozy

Drop Stitch Wine Bag

Cactuar Knitting Chart

Keith's Guitar Chart

Red Sox Charts

Snowflake Charts (2)

Snowmen Charts

KOL Addicts

Molecule Charts

What to know what all of the charted molecules are?  See the Summary of Molecule Knitting Charts by ChemKnits

Molecule Charts 1

20 Natural Amino Acids

Knitting Charts

Charts for your Pain Relief

and Heme Inspired

Generic Pentapeptide Chart

Isn't it Sweet?

Molecule Charts

Guest Designers

Pioneer Logo Knitting Chart
Star Trek Uniform Beer Cozy

Marilynn's Felted Kindle Cover

These patterns were created by ChemKnits for your personal and charity use. Do not sell, republish or redistribute in any manner without permission by ChemKnits.

Patterns for Purchase
ChemKnits is committed to providing knitting patterns and tutorials for free to everyone. Occasionally, ChemKnits will offer a pattern for sale. These are included on this page so you can see the resume of all of ChemKnits' designs.

Complete List of Free Patterns by ChemKnits

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